On Controlling What We Can…

I’ve followed more strict eating regimens over the years than I could probably count. I’ve always loved good food. But I’ve also always loved my health, and control, and a good challenge – not to mention the more superficial effects of good eating. And control. Did I mention control? I’ve always been active, but as a friend of mine likes to say, “You can’t outrun a bad diet.” Truer words….

During the most mentally and physically challenging of my years in both school and Big Law, I learned to manage and control what I could to get through the grueling hours of work, and later of deals and motherhood. I could teach classes in corporate survival (whether or not we accept the sad fact that it is necessary). Working 100+ hour weeks with two small children, you learn to do what you can to take back your health and your mind – and, oftentimes, just to get through it.

  •      Meditate
  •      Drink your water
  •      Do your yoga
  •      Run
  •      Eat perfectly
  •      Sleep (Ha! Just kidding….)

In short, keep a clean body and a clear mind. Five minutes of meditation was worth several more hours of productivity. Twenty minutes running got my blood moving enough for several more still.

But food. Food was my real trick. I was pescetarian for years. Then paleo pescetarian. Then I started consecutive rounds of pescetarian Whole30 that did wonderful things for my stamina and mental clarity. And my ability to choose in restaurants, since there *might* be one thing that I could eat. And my ass. 😉

I controlled what I could. Everything that I could.

But as life has begun to reorganize itself, to lighten, to allow for breathing and its own happiness and clarity and energy, I’ve had the luxury of breaking all of the rules and being a good old-fashioned foodie again. Which is my way of segueing from back story to the constant wonderful meals and noshes that I’ll be writing about here….

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 1.54.28 PM.png

*The Wave of American Flavors at the Contemporary Resort, Signature Burger

Like this. This was really freaking good. I’ll write more about it later.


“Lunch at Epcot.”

I daydreamed for years (and years, and years…) about making the move to Florida. When people (oh so many people) asked why, my simplest answer was, “I want to have lunch at Epcot.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.18.44 PM

Does the lack of state income tax suck? No. Is the weather beautiful, the community wonderful, the recreation endless, the pace of life a kindness to one’s blood pressure and soul? Most definitely, yes. I could write a long, long list of the reasons, both rational and heart driven, why – and yet…

And yet, when I wanted to sum it all up, simply and honestly – I wanted to have lunch at Epcot. I wanted to be able to go grocery shopping, or run to the dentist, or take the kids to martial arts class, or any other of life’s day-to-day mundane tasks – and then stop over at Epcot and eat lunch overlooking the koi pond at Katsura Grill or beside the gorgeous tile work in the alcove behind Tangierine Café. Smelling that incense and eating schawarma and tabouleh and baklava while listening to that endless loop of background music… And then leave and continue on with my day like it was totally and completely normal. Because it was.

I love the sights and smells and thrills of the Magic Kingdom. I could watch the Festival of Fantasy every day and cry omg-I-live-here tears. Hollywood Studios, even in its currently stripped state, houses more of my family’s favorite rides than any other park. And Animal Kingdom with its safari and endless food options and Pandora (oh, Pandora…) might blow my mind these days more than any other gate.

But Epcot.

Epcot was my why.

Wanting Epcot to be my normal was my why.